Activities Committee 

  • Hosts events to promote student involvement. 
  • Monitors, organizes, and conducts all ASGCC elections.


Vice President of Activities

Name: Jessica Coompson 

Major: Business Administration

Future Goal: Run my own law firm and a chain of businesses aka be a BOSS

Favorite TV Show: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Favorite Artist: Beyonce and Rihanna



Senator of Activities

Name: Alex Gevorkian 

Major: Business Administration

Future Goal: Keep progressing my swag through the roof

Favorite TV Show: Friends

Favorite Artist: Kanye West



Senator of Activities

Name: Shant Eulmessekian  

Major: Political Science

Future Goal: To serve mankind

Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones

Favorite Artist: Pink Floyd (Although it's a super difficult and unfair question)


Senator of Activities

Name: Alin Pasokhian 

Major: International Relations

Future Goal: To be a UN Ambassador (Economic Development & Poverty Alleviation)

Favorite TV Show: The Newsroom

Favorite Artist: Foster the People


Senator of Activities

Name: MisakVoskanyan

Major: Biology

Future Goal: World domination

Favorite TV Show: Boardwalk Empire

Favorite Artist: Bazanji


Senator of Activities

Name: Adrian Perez

Major: Business Administration

Future Goal: To be the best and richest dentist ever

Favorite TV Show: Modern Family

Favorite Artist: Drake


Senator of Activities

Name: Siona Amrgousian 

Major: Biology

Future Goal: Spread Kindness

Favorite TV Show: Dr.Who/ Office

Favorite Artist: NA