The primary purposes of the Administration committee are to:

  • Prepare, maintain, and distribute all ASGCC minutes, agendas and records as needed

  • Keep an updated copy of agendas and minutes, posted in a place accessible to all students

  • Recommend to the Legislature revisions to the Constitution, Bylaws, and Election Code.

  • Inform the Legislature of government legislative bills and actions

  • Monitor, organize, and conduct all ASGCC Elections

  • Maintain governance appointments

  • Organize Intra Organizational Activities for ASGCC


Vice President of Administration

Name: Tatiana Avedisian

Major: Biology

Dream School: UCLA

Bucket List Item: To travel the world

Favorite Artist/Band: Queen



Senator of Administration

Name: Alen Zohrabyan

Major: Accounting

Dream School: CSUN

Bucket List Item: Boost out even at 90 years old

Favorite Artist/Band: Arctic Monkeys



Senator of Administration

Name: Taguhi Chalikyan

Major: Biology

Dream School: UC Berkeley School of Optometry

Bucket List Item: Travel to Italy

Favorite Artist/Band: The Weeknd, Ariana Grande


Senator of Administration

Name: Kayla Kirsten Regalado

Major: Communications

Dream School: UCLA

Bucket List Item: Travel overseas with friends

Favorite Artist/Band: Jack Johnson