Spring 2018 


Addiction Studies Club

Mission: Our mission is to promote the study of addiction and its difficulties for individuals and the community at large.  The Addiction Studies club is a place for students within the Addiction Studies program at GCC and other interested students, have a forum to discuss and plan events that are of service to the surrounding community.  These events include attending seminars that are pertinent to substance abuse and addiction or helping serve the less fortunate at various food banks within the community. The Addiction Studies Club also helps our department in holding our annual pinning ceremony for those receiving their certifications to become Drug and Alcohol Counselors from GCC.  

Contact:  jlhbsax@aol.com

Advisor Email: bsalazar@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Thursday 4:30pm


Alpha Gamma Sigma

Mission: The purpose of GCC AGS is to foster, promote, maintain, and recognize scholarships. The function of the state organization is to encourage our members to take part in programs offering cultural, social, or enrichment experiences as part of the total experience of community college.  This organization annually awards scholarships to its members and encourages the organization to provide opportunities for participants in service activities.

Contact: rsahaki200@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: aaslanian@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Monday 12:30pm


Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA) 

Mission: The purpose of the club is to inform club members about upcoming internships, events, and also opportunities for them to strive as future scientists.

Contact: lsimoni447@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: rkohanian@gmail.com

Meeting Date & Time: Tuesday 1:30pm


Armenian Student Association

Mission: GCC ASA is a non-profit and non-partisan organization in which Armenian students and other students at GCC can cultivate and promote an appreciation and understanding of Armenian history, heritage, culture and contemporary issues by organizing social, cultural, and educational activities.

Contact: palaver354@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: levonm@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Thursday and Friday 12:30pm


Art Club

Mission: To approach students interested in the arts, and show them all the opportunities and careers connected with visual arts. Give them the ability to explore all different branches of art

Contact: xrodrig904@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: abey@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Monday 12:10pm

Art History Club

Mission: The Art History Club is the student organization on campus for those interested in art, its histories, and its role within societies. Each meeting will be an exchange of ideas, diverse opinions, and values. We will also actively engage with art and the art world. All students are encouraged and welcome to attend.

Contact: jgutier861@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: jwolfgra@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Thursday 12:30pm (Bi-weekly)


Brain & Mind Club

Mission: The purpose is to be a support system for those pursuing a career in the field of psychology and related sciences. The goal is to create an environment that inspires, and encourages individuals to get closer to their personal goals involving their major. By being a part of the community, asking those that have come before, and actively engaging with the mind, the future may feel more possible for students.

Contact: jflamen496@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: rherrera@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Tuesday 3:00pm


Dance Club

Mission: Our mission is to spread the love and awareness of dance by providing free lessons and performance opportunities for GCC students. Dance club is not just for dancing we create friendships, encourage creativity, and provide a place to help escape college anxiety.

Contact: avartan889@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: rvobles@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Thursday 12:30pm


Doki Doki Yu-Gi-Oh! Club!

Mission: This club is about all things Yu-Gi-Oh! This club is your chance to meet and befriend other people who love Yu-Gi-Oh! We duel, trade cards with others and discuss Yu-Gi-Oh anime or cards as well other things but mostly Yu-Gi-Oh. We duel to show your favorite cards and decks so I the President of the Club will hold end of the semester tournament to show off your skills with your deck and top 3 gets prizes! There will also be an end of semester banquet by yours truly for being part of the club! Hope you decide to join and be part of the Yu-Gi-Oh fam!

Contact: atorres573@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: jdunlap@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Tuesday 12:00pm Thursday 1:30pm



Mission: To provide members with real world knowledge on resume building, interviewing techniques, and networking skills.

Contact: narehabramian@gmail.com

Advisor Email: allag@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Tuesday 2:00pm


Mission: The EOPS CLUB will exist to help educationally disadvantaged students in their educational and career objectives. By joining the club members will have their voices heard, help raise money for important causes, network with other students, create friends for life, develop leadership skills, create a better community, experience to use on college, scholarship and job application, create something positive, share their talent and skills, share information, learn teamwork, and have lots of fun.

Contact: mghadim340@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: poletd@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Thursday 12:30pm


Feminist Society

Mission: Feminist Society fosters discourse about feminisms, acknowledging their breadth and multiplicity. However, we take pride in advocating for intersectionality-- that different identities such as race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and ability cannot be examined separately because they are inherently interconnected.

Contact: gccfeministsociety@gmail.com

Advisor Email: ekronbec@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Monday 12:30pm

Film Club

Mission: Our goal as the film club is to produce films, television shows, and other video projects suggested by the students members.

Contact: filmclub@glendale.edu

Advisor Email: gulrey@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Wednesday 12:30pm

Fitness & Nutrition Club

Mission: Our mission for this club is to educate and motivate its club members to achieve their maximum physique potential/goals.

Contact: lsaghan024@student.glandale.edu

Advisor Email: mbraaten@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Thursday 4:00pm


Future Surgeons of America

Mission: The Future Surgeons of America illustrates the persistence needed to become a surgeon in such a competitive era. Our purpose is to break down the psychological, educational, and personal difficulties that majority of surgeons have faced while in the process of and after getting their credentials. The club will consist of videos, articles, and demonstrations, but mainly contain thought provoking discussions.

Contact: FutureSurgeonsofUS@gmail.com

Advisor Email: cjamieso@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Monday 3:15pm


GCC Car Club

Mission: The purpose of the club is to gather students with a common interest and/or passion of cars and allow them to join a community where they will be able to further their knowledge of cars. The club will have goals directed towards providing students with beneficial lessons and fun experiences. The club will include students, faculty, and staff to add to our diverse population.

Contact: Labraha545@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: Savakian@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Tuesday 12:30pm (Biweekly)


GCC Garden Club

Mission: Our mission is to peacefully tend to the garden beds at GCC using organic methods and to learn about gardening while doing so.

Contact: Mmartin405@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: aidaa@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Tuesday 9:00am (Once a month)


GCC Model UN

Mission: The concept standing behind GCCMUN directly reflects Diplomatic and global engagement pursued through educational means. GCC MUN immerses students into the inter-workings of the United Nations through mock simulations. This organization also improves a student's day to day skills such as public speaking, time management, and cooperating with others.

Contact: sabinad188@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: hastings@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time:  Friday 6:00pm


GCC Phamilya (Filipino Club)

Mission: Be an open inclusive organization that caters to everyone regardless of gender, race, color, language and religious background. Serve as a safe space to share thoughtful ideas and personal feelings not only for Filipinxs, but also for other nationalities who are interested in the Filipino culture that we represent.

Contact: jdizon140@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: hazelr@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Thursday  12:30pm

GCC Veterans Association

Mission: The Glendale Community College Veteran Association (GCC VA) serves as a source of knowledge, support, representation, and camaraderie to any and all students of prior and current military service seeking education at Glendale Community College

Contact: rmunoz809@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: cshumate@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Tuesday 12:30pm (Biweekly)


Glendale Theatre Guild

Mission: The purpose of this club is to support the theatre department and create opportunities for actors, writers, singers, dancers, or anyone with a performing arts skill they want to showcase. We also support the Irene Ryan Nominees that are selected from productions here at GCC to represent the school at the annual Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. Theatre Guild is open to all students at GCC. To be a guild member, you are required to be actively participating in the Theatre Department.

Contact: Buffynikko@gmail.com

Advisor Email: vkrawcze@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Thursday  12:30pm


Global Medical Training

Mission: Our goal for GMT at Glendale Community College is to empower students to pursue their careers in health care with open minds and compassionate hearts. We achieve this not only through our trips in the summer, but also through various volunteer work in the Los Angeles community. It only takes a small group of passionate individuals to make a change in the world. We aim to inspire students to take an initiative globally and in our community to help others as a team.

Contact: romikmesr@yahoo.com

Advisor Email: mmercer@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Thursday 12:30pm


Hidden Road Initiative

Mission: onnecting roads and bridging issues between Armenia and the world.

Contact: evpogosyan@gmail.com

Advisor Email: nicks@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: March 5, April 2, May 7, June 4 (Once a month)

Humans of Glendale

Mission: Humans of Glendale is a continuous social project aimed to uncover the stories behind the diverse student body here at Glendale. We believe that each student is unique and more than just a number professed by their grades or titles, and that everyone has a story that deserves to be told. By conducting short interviews with real GCC students and community members, and utilizing social media networks such as Instagram, we aim to advance a multiculturalist approach in understanding the implications of the diversity at Glendale Community College through one-on-one storytelling and publishing.

Contact: mgarabe045@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: hzariani@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: 12:20pm March 29, April 26, May 31 (Last Thursday of each month)

International Student Association

Mission: To promote the acculturation of international students to the American way of life. To foster interaction communication from an international perspective between the College and the community. To advance international education, and strengthen the international dimension of the College. To advocate on behalf of international students, and to serve their interest

Contact: aohanya097@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: mribeiro@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Tuesday 12:30pm (Once a month)

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Mission: Students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed.

Contact: jwarner135@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: tlorch@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Monday & Wednesday  12:30pm


Investor's Club or Glendale Community College

Mission: Have a speaker come discuss and educate students, teachers and community in attendance on different topics relating to their financial future.

Contact: lynnhill2000@netscape.net

Advisor Email: phillipk@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Friday 2:00pm (Once a month)


Journalism Club

Mission: Our purpose is to fund trips and events for GCC students to learn about journalism. Our goal is to grow in size and influence. The philosophy of the organization is to be brave in the face of opposition and to show students and professors the value of teamwork and networking.

Contact: manehsahakyan@gmail.com

Advisor Email: rcohen@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Thursday 12:30pm

Knowledge and Pilates (KNP

Mission: The Knowledge and Pilates club will be here to guide students on relieving stress from college courses semester TO working long hours from your occupation. We are here to lead the way fro doing these exercises which are the following: improve physical strength, flexibility, and enhance mental awareness. We look forward to doing Pilates with you all.

Contact: aduta@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: hbarsami@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Mar 14 & 28 Apr 4 & 25 May 9 & 16

Korean American Students Association

Mission: To inspire college youth to reach their potential in pursuing their goals by providing them with access to authentic, hands-on activities, and a supportive environment that encourages their intellectual development. To Increase student participation in volunteering activities outside the classroom including the school community, neighboring community, and world community. To bring awareness about Korean nationalism to the Korean American community

Contact: schoi311@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: leland@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Friday 5:30pm (Biweekly)


Korean Club

Mission: Korean club will help introduce students and faculty to Korean culture. As many Korean students do attend Glendale Community College, not many people know about the traditions, history, music, or general culture of the Korean people. Also, with a growing population of Koreans in Glendale, we need to be culturally aware.

Contact: skazary458@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: ychunghi@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Monday 12:30

Lean In For Entrepreneurs (LIFE) Club

Mission: Develop leadership skills through exercises that emphasize the strategic and psychological aspects of success. Explore resources including but not limited to the perspectives of special guest speakers. Collaborate and network with like-minded, ambitious students, faculty, advisors, staff, and community. Celebrate ways in which we can lean in to creating our futures.

Contact: hbrown090@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: lifeclubgcc@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Tuesday 3:00pm (Biweekly)

Mountain Cloud Radio

Mission: Our purpose is to raise awareness within our campus about what is happening in our global and local communities through radio programming. Our voices are our tools to communicate with our fellow students and Glendale Community College staff to share ideas and gain knowledge.

Contact: rmorale572@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: rcohen@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Wednesday 12:30pm


Persian Club

Mission: The purpose of Persian Club is to unite members of the Persian and Persian-Armenian culture to form new friendships and to expand the knowledge of the Persian culture to others.

Contact: nhonarc427@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: sdavoodi@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Thursday 12:30pm (Biweekly)


Philanthropy Club

Mission: The mission of the Philanthropy club at Glendale Community College is to provide awareness of different illnesses, help around the environment, and participate in making our school and community into a better place. Our goal is to promote the idea of constantly understanding and helping those around us. We hope to work with different organizations and educate everyone about the different problems around us through varies activities. We aspire to influence others to spread positivity and change.

Contact: lkarape316@studnet.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: ldickins@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Tuesday 11:00pm (Biweekly)



Mission: Prizm is an inclusive social and activism club for LGBT students and allies. We strive to create a safe place for students to be themselves, make friends, and build a support system.

Contact: de.losreyes@yahoo.com

Advisor Email: dattyah@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Wednesday 12:30pm 


Relay For Life

Mission: We aim to provide a safe place for all students, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, etc. Our main goal is to encourage students to get involved in their community and make new friends through local volunteering events. We believe that kindness and giving back to the less fortunate is the best way to make the community a better place.

Contact: naghakh437@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: jdunlap@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Thursday 12:30pm (Biweekly)


Scholars Program

Mission: The Glendale Community College Scholars Program has been created to serve the needs of academically driven students, offering them opportunities for more intensive study. We strive to prepare students for the rigors of upper-division work, a lifetime of community-minded activities, and the development of social bonds.

Contact: seulmes995@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: mharnett@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Thursday 12:30pm  (Biweekly)

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

Mission: We are the GCC chapter of the SHPE national organization. Our chapter was founded over three years ago and year by year, former cabinet and general members have worked to increase the impact that our chapter has at GCC. Our members come from diverse backgrounds and their majors typically range from everything such as computer science to petroleum engineering. As such, we strive to provide a supportive network for students where we can advise one another and with the support of our instructors and advisers, we succeed throughout our coursework.

Contact: sgalvez865@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: cherwerth@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Monday 12:30pm


Sociology Club

Mission: The sociology club's purpose is to raise consciousness/awareness of social issues, problems, and situations in society. By means of open discussions and debate the members of the club will be able to express their opinions, beliefs, and personal life experiences. This will help solidify each member's outlook on various sociological topics. The sociology club also focuses on serving the community. By addressing the sociological problems society is faced with and acting on them, we are developing leadership and preparing ourselves for a promising future consisting of prosperity and service.

Contact: daleman862@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: jmoore@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Thursday 12:30pm  (Biweekly)

Soon Movement

Mission: Our mission is Worship to God. We was called KCCC. And also Win, build, and send Christ-centered multiplying disciples to launch spiritual movements

Contact: qkrwn5858@gmail.com

Advisor Email: tjacobs@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Tuesday Thursdays 7:00am;  Wednesday 3:30pm


Spanish Club

Mission: The purpose of Spanish Club is to provide educational opportunities outside of the classroom for those interested in the Spanish language and culture. The club also provides the opportunity to meet with other GCC students and faculty interested in speaking Spanish as well as international students.

Contact: Vcastan634@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: mariah@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Monday 12:30pm  (Biweekly)

System Impacted Intellectuals

Mission: We aim to raise awareness about the need to empower and support students who have been formerly incarcerated or impacted by the criminal justice system. Through connecting students who have been formerly incarcerated or system impacted we hope to identify the specific needs of these students to allow them to succeed in the college system. We want to eliminate the stereotypes and stigmas associated with our population and make GCC a more equitable campus.

Contact: tleach094@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: zdelgado@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Thursday 12:20pm  (Biweekly)

The Mental Illness Awareness Club

Mission: Our mission as The Mental Health Awareness Club at Glendale Community College is to provide a safe environment where students can educate themselves on mental health as well as share their experiences. Our goal is to promote the education of mental health and various mental illnesses throughout campus. We hope to inspire confidence and respect as well as break the stigma surrounded by mental illness. Lastly, we aspire to influence students all around to take their mental health as seriously as they do their physical health.

Contact: avartom319@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: Prock@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Tuesday 11:00pm  (Biweekly)

The Pre-Med Club

Mission: The Pre-Med Club is not only a club where aspiring health professionals can come to seek information about research, job, and other health related opportunities, but a place to receive support from other aspiring health professionals. We are a community that offers the necessary information to help guide students to achieving their academic goals.

Contact: Ngarret414@student.glendale.edu

Advisor Email: Kconover@glendale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: April 10, May 22 (Once a month)

Voices Organizing Immigrant Communities for Educational Success (V.O.I.C.E.S)

Mission: V.O.I.C.ES is a support group that works together for the purpose of promoting higher education for AB-540 students at Glendale Community College. We also intend to extend our network to provide AB-540 students with updated information regarding immigration policy.. The profit of our fundraisers will be used to aid these students who are in need. Aside from the funding money, V.O.I.C.E.S as an advocate club will have advocacy events in support of immigrant rights and other social issues on campus and outside of campus. As a club we believe that all students should have equal opportunities to a higher education and to succeed in life. By helping one another we can all thrive in our respective goals.

Contact: dreamscholar07@gmail.com

Advisor Email: gperkins@gledale.edu

Meeting Date & Time: Tuesday, Thursday 12:30pm