The primary purposes of the Finance committee are to:

  • Manage ASGCC finances

  • Make recommendations to the Legislature on financial matters

  • Recommend to the Legislature revisions to the Finance Code

  • Administer campus grant processes and present funding recommendations to the legislature for approval

  • Prepare the annual budget for the following year


Vice President of Finance

Name: Anna Manukian

Major: Biology

Dream School: UCLA or UCB

Bucket List Item: Learn how to speak 4 languages

Favorite Artist/Band: David Bowie, Queen



Senator of Finance

Name: Sune Aghakian

Major: Business/Entrepreneurship

Dream School: USC

Bucket List Item: Travel to every country in Europe before turning 30 and live in a random country for a few months

Favorite Artist/Band: Guns Nā€™ Roses



Senator of Finance

Name: Karen Stepanyan

Major: Economics

Dream School: Harvard University

Bucket List Item: Learn French

Favorite Artist/Band: Hans Zimmer


Senator of Finance

Name: Cid Salas

Major: Foreign Languages

Dream School: Free University of Berlin

Bucket List Item: Start an organization that educates young people in America and third world countries about sexual education/awareness

Favorite Artist/Band: Lil Skies