Vice President of Organizations


Name: Siona Amrgousian

Major: Sociology

Dream School: UCLA

Bucket List Item: start an organization that helps women and children in impoverished countries / skydive around the world

Favorite Artist/Band: Queen




Senator of Organizations

Name: Louie Escoto

Major: Nursing

Dream School: UC Irvine 

Bucket List Item: Learn Armenian fluently

Favorite Artist/Band: The Wiggles


Senator of Organizations

Name: Anaisa Najera

Major: Communications  

Dream School: NYU

Bucket List Item: Spend a year traveling the world

Favorite Artist/Band: Beyoncé


Senator of Organizations

Name:  John Habib

Major: Psychology

Dream School: UCLA 

Bucket List Item: Skydive

Favorite Artist/Band: System of a Down, Cairokee


Senator of Organizations

Name:  Maria Salazar

Major: Communications

Dream School: USC, UCLA 

Bucket List Item: Travel

Favorite Artist/Band: Keaton Henson, To Kill A King